Porsche 944 on Grassroots Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports forums are an entertaining and helpful resource for car nuts. It is here that I maintain a build thread for my current project, my 1988 Porsche 944 NA race car.

Check it out here at GRM!

Ford Fiesta ST on Grassroots Motorsports

This thread details my adventures with the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST that I purchased for autocrossing. It covers two seasons of autocrosses including a trip to Nationals and fabrication of custom racing shock inserts.

Check it out here at GRM!

944 Engine Swap on Rennlist

Rennlist is a Porsche enthusiasts' site where I can get just about any question about my 944 answered by hundreds of experts and 944 specialists. When I spun my #2 rod bearing at Watkins Glen, the crowd at Rennlist helped me get back in business. Here's the thread with all the poop.

Check it out here on Rennlist!

944 Transaxle Replacement on Dorkiphus

Dorkiphus.net is a forum for Porsche and BMW enthusiasts in the Washington DC area. There's plenty of local folks here who race, autocross, drive, and wrench on the cars. When my transaxle blew up I kept a bit of a diary here.

Check it out here on Dorkiphus!

944 Transaxle Replacement on Rennlist

I guess I was a little obsessive about the transaxle issue I had. So I posted two threads on it!

Check it out here on Rennlist!