VIDEO: My First Track Day Ever

This is a video of my very first open track day ever. I had such a blast in my new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. The footage is taken from a single camera, placed in different locations on the car over the ten sessions I ran that weekend.

On the last session, it snowed.

This video represents a great deal of learning on my part. I learned a lot about driving road courses. I got a lot of seat time in my car. And I learned what it costs to maintain a car if you're tracking it.

Most of all, I learned that four minutes is too long to make people watch a video of yourself driving in circles. So since then I've tried to keep things simple... Digest, compress, concise-ify. You know that saying, right?

Still, I learned a lot about cutting video to the music marks. That kind of redeems the video - I felt like I kept up the energy throughout. At the end, if you're willing to wait for it, there's a montage of myself starting the camera. Kind of fun.