VIDEO: Virginia International Raceway

This is my second track day ever, if you don't count the ST Octane Academy experience with Ford Racing in Utah.

It was such a beautiful place to drive - and the track was just rewarding to learn. 

Learning from the first track-day video, I condensed the warmup lap and ran a single lap at regular speed. And after this run, my go-pro ran out of room on the card. There was actually lots of room, but because I emptied the card manually, the camera didn't really know the space was there.

So I had to deal with the footage I had. It's foggy because the temps were warming up during the run. It's not my best line because it was early in the weekend. And I didn't have any engine audio because this camera placement only captures wind noise.

But again, it has some cool music, and for me, it's a worthwhile video. I watch it and I remember every nuance of the turns as I move through it, and I remember how damn fast I was going at the end of the back straight (120 mph). Gopro video doesn't really capture speed well because the lens is such a fisheye. But I can remember it!