VIDEO: Dogpark Jan/Feb 2015

I've been gathering video over a couple dogpark sessions in the front yard, and we've really had a lot of fun in the late snows here in the neighborhood.

When I do a video, I start with the music. I find something interesting  and distinctive on Soundcloud, Free Music Archive, or some other site that features lots of creative commons licensed music. Then I think about what story would go with that music. Usually, what comes out in video doesn't quite match up to what I had in mind, due to lack of the exact footage I'm looking for.

Nancy is always pleased with her stick.

Nancy is always pleased with her stick.

It takes patience to find all the footage, to isolate the good parts, and to time it with the music. And I've learned a couple other techniques - slowing the frame rate, for example, that can really help fit the action to the beat. But that takes time and patience, and sometimes I run out.

So here you go. Enjoy my hasty job. I think it's fun all the same.